10 of the Rarest Subarus Ever

Since 1954, Subaru has produced millions of cars worldwide, with many models having production runs of fewer than a thousand units. Below I’ve listed some of those Subaru vehicles that are rare, strange or otherwise unknown.


1. Subaru FE Coupe 

1978 Subaru FE Coupe

 (image via subaruhighmileageclub.com)

STI stands for Subaru Tecnica International, WRX stands for World Rally X, with the X meaning ‘cross’ or ‘experimental’ (depending on who you ask).  FE?  That stands for Fuel Economy, and the incredibly efficient FE was rated at 33 mpg city and 50 mpg highway.  Yes, Subaru was beating the 2015 Toyota Prius’ 48 highway miles per gallon in 1979.  The 1.6 liter, horizontally opposed four cylinder was fitted with a “transistorized ignition”, with an increased compression ratio, a redesigned camshaft and new combustion chamber design.  Options at the time included an AM/FM stereo, tape system and a CB radio.  Rarity: So low I can’t find anything on the Internet about it.



2. Subaru Impreza WRX STi Spec C Type RA-R

Subaru Impreza WRX STi Spec C Type RA-R

Subaru absolutely loves the alphabet, and if you haven’t seen my parody video on this topic, check it out.  That video was inspired in part by the Impreza WRX STi Spec C Type RA-R.  This rare 320 horsepower, 318 lb ft of torque monster was released in 2006 with only 300 making it to production.  That’s even more rare than the Impreza 22B.  The year it was released, the STi Spec C Type RA-R came at an asking price of 4,284,000 Yen, which is $35,685 in today’s marketplace.  A quick google search finds one for sale at $37,382 in Britain.  If you bought one, good investment!



3. Subaru FF-1

subaru ff1 ff-1

According to Subaru, the FF-1 was the first front-wheel drive car to come out of Japan and the first to use Subaru’s four-cylinder Boxer engine. Offered from 1969 to 1972, the FF-1 was available in two-door, four-door and a wagon models. A few enthusiasts over on NASIOC  have saved a couple of these FF-1s from the junkyard, like SubieGal with her 1970 FF-1 and Kostamojen with his FF-1. The FF-1 was powered by Subaru’s 1.1-liter EA-61 engine, pushing out 65 horsepower and 61 pound feet of torque. According to many, this is the rarest Subaru you can find in the US.



4. Subaru Impreza Casa Blanca


Possibly the ugliest, most vile Subaru ever conceived, the Casa Blanca was a car based around the 1999-2000 Impreza. According to Jalopnik, the Casa Blanca was designed during a retro car craze over in Japan. The front fascia design works well on its own, but when paired with the rally-inspired look of the first generation Impreza wagon, it makes me want to nuke it from orbit. The rear end design was mailed in too. The designers simply took out the taillights and plopped in new ones. 5,000 of these Japan-only monsters were ever made and as far as I know, no one has been crazy enough to bring one state-side. The Casa Blanca was not even worth the work it took to manufacture it.



5. Subaru 360


This adorable little munchkin is the Subaru 360, a model introduced by Subaru in 1958. It took a decade for the 360 to make its way to America where it went on sale at an affordable $1,297 (around $9,000 when adjusted for 2015 inflation). Not exactly rare for the time, Subaru produced 392,000 of these rear-engined, two-door cars over a 12 year run. The 360 was powered by a two-cylinder, two-stroke engine churning out a neck snapping 22 horsepower. Although it was underpowered by today’s standards, it weighed only 900 pounds and achieved 66.3 miles per gallon. That’s LA to New York on only 41.8 gallons of gas!  With today’s gas prices, that’s a cross-country road trip for $87. (Sidenote: Gas prices averaged $0.35 per gallon in 1970, so that road trip would have cost you less than $15 in gas back then.) Rarity in the US? 10,000 of the Sport model were sold in the US, how many are still running, unknown.

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  1. stuart ellis | April 13, 2015 at 7:18 pm | Reply

    How about the p1 or wr1? or the subaru legacy rs?

  2. What about the Legacy S401? Only 300 of those were produced…much rarer than the Spec B.

  3. What about the Catalunya? Rarer that the 22B, and the P1. 200 made with a known less than 100 left

  4. Possible candidate you missed would be the 1993 SVX 25th Anniversary Edition. Something like 600 of them made.

  5. What about the first generation turbo legacies? Is the U.S. it’s rumored only some 2000ish were ever imported between 89-94. Kinda the OG rally car. The wrx wouldn’t exist without that car.

  6. What about the Subaru WRX STi esX. There was only like 35 produced of only select years. Basically like prodrive they took and modified a few with their own custom stuff.

  7. Don’t rule out the Legacy SUS. Only produced for one full year, a love child of a Legacy and Outback. I own a 1999 Legacy SUS Limited, and I’ve never seen another one on the road. Love it.

  8. What about the 2003 subaru spec r1? Only 135 made in the world and only sold in canada? Theres maybe 40 or 50 left now.

  9. The cataluyna is very rare. Only 200 ever made for the uk market and last check there was only 57 left……

  10. What about the 2007 Impreza WRX STI Limited. 800 total made… 400 Satin White Pearl, 400 Urban Grey Metallic.

  11. What about the Impreza Catalunya?

  12. How about the 1995 555 edition sti wagon .only 100 made in a special Colin McRae blue. I own one and am very proud of its rarity

  13. I would say that since the Acadia Green 2.5RS made the list the 2002 WRX, which was the first WRX to be sold in the states, the Blaze Yellow was offered on only 450 that year. About 1400 on the 2003 were offered in a different limited yellow option. These aren’t quite as rare but close.

  14. what about the 2005 legacy gt 5 speed wagons? About 1,400 were produced. I had a Atlantic blue pearl with white leather interior, only 99 of those made.

  15. What about the legendary RB5? Only 444 ever made in 1999.

  16. How is the 360 rarer than the S401 (only 286 made)? Or the S402 with 400 each made of Sedans and Wagons?

  17. Sort of a hybrid but the saab 92x aero is a 2005 WRX in a saab body. Only produced for 2 years from 05-06. I love my saabaru!

    • Must not forget the bastard child of Subaru, GM, and SAAB- the 92x and 92x Aero.
      One of the best looking cars that FHI ever made. Only in production for 2005-06 and 10,000 units. Came with STi steering rack and many other options not offered on WRX at the time- Heated leather, mirrors+ wipers; sunroof, leveling hid’s, quieter interior, 17″ Enkei wheels

    • I just picked up a Silver 9-2X. For all the world, looking like a lovechild of my Silver 2.5 RS and my 2002 Blue WRX 5 dr.

      Sitting in the Saaburu, I obviously miss the turbo, but I think it has an upgraded speaker system, once I ditched the ghastly head unit.

  18. Who could forget the first AWD Subaru, the 1300G Wagon? Only 8 were ever produced – by special order – to replace the old Jeeps a Japanese electric company were using, and to some enthusiasts would be worth more than a 22B.

    Also, Subaru attempted to bring the STi to America sooner than we thought. In 1998 Subaru made a turbocharged 2.5RS with Bilstein suspension, Recaro seats, BBS wheels, etc. It was shown at the 1998 NYIAS and is said to still exist in SOA’s headquarters in Cherry Hill, NJ along with their 22B.

  19. Remington Lee | April 13, 2015 at 9:28 pm | Reply

    Don’t forget about the 2007-2008 Forester XT Sports. Only a few hundred were made, and the 2008 Aspen white manuals are the rarest at about 50 units total.

  20. How about the sema editions

  21. huh. I own 3 of the cars on this list… I must be a freak 😀
    Thanks for the mention!

  22. Sport special 400 made, 200 yellow and 200 black.

  23. The 2012 5th Gen Legacy GT is pretty rare. There was only 227 produced.

  24. 90-91 Legacy RS Type RA
    I have the pleasure of owning one

  25. I saw a guy 4 years ago with it. a 360. He took it to Wicked Big Meet in CT. He had his buddy with a wrx behind him a d I tire strapped to the front pushing him up big Hills on the highway. It was awesome!

  26. 1987 – 1988 Subaru RX… also I know the Legacy 3.6R isn’t exactly rare, but there never were very many of the 2008-2009 Legacy 3.0R Limited with the Bilstein suspension… I don’t know exact numbers but I believe they are more rare than the Spec. B. Production numbers would probably be close.

    • The Black 89.5 RX was only made the last half of 89. Production number unknown, but in total only 2600 3dr RX were made from 87-89.

  27. What about the Brat?

  28. 2005 Hawkeye sti spec c toshi arai edition in commemoration of pwrc win

  29. Subaru Impreza 2.0ltr GL Sport Automatic 1997

  30. I have a 2003 reg p1 hmm hope it is getting rare can only add value to it :-)….

  31. I wonder how many of the 1984 GL-10 1800cc Turbo 2dr Coupes were made. I can’t find much info on mine and REALLY can’t find a replacement digital dashboard for it anywhere!

  32. How about the gb270 they are pretty rare only 270 made..

  33. Gen 2 (BD) Legacy RSB ??

  34. GB270. I nearly cried when I let that baby go.

  35. The Subaru Legacy GT Spec B info is wrong. Much more than 1000 were produced, however, only 500 were made for 2006.

    What were the production numbers for the Baja Turbo?

    • Yes! ^ over the years they were sold they weren’t horribly rare, but now the only one I’ve seen other than mine is Rob’s Baja from Hell on YouTube. Baja’s are slowly becoming nonexistent, with the turbo ones mostly never heard of.

  36. I have S201 #78, Trust Me, It looks much better in person. It moves like a bat outta hell too! ^_^

  37. What about the 2005 wrp10? Limited to 200, only released in Australia.

  38. How about my Bright Red Pearl 98 Impreza 2.5RS, auto with leather. Always thought it was rare, just didn’t know how rare.

  39. What about series mcrae only 200 made

  40. Sean O'Sullivan | April 14, 2015 at 12:04 pm | Reply

    One car that while not officially numbered but is at a lower count than some of the above is the Australian delivered G1S2 Liberty RS TURBO wagons. These are known as a Liberty ONLY in Australia whereas all other countries they are a Legacy, we think less than 250 were sold and probably less than 200 survive, they are identical in all respects to the 1000-1200 RS sedans sold here but are much rarer in unmolested form like their sedan counterparts. The AU RS Liberty was a mix of options found in the JDM, US and Euro spec Legacy RS/GT with a 260kmh cluster, black interior, momo wheel, and a few other goodies.

  41. You missed out the Cosworth Impreza STI hatch. 400bhp factory Cosworth tuned Impreza of which only 75 production examples and 2 prototypes were ever made making the rarest of all imprezas.

    • NEVILLE BANN | May 27, 2017 at 11:28 am | Reply

      Very True Brad…. It took this long for the rest to mention it only 75 made and apparently only 40 left with less than that left in the U.K.

  42. also in Australia, we have the subaru liberty GT tuned by STi. 300 2006 models and 250 2008 models. we also have the 2008 liberty GT spec B R with only 50 made. but there is also the legacy RS type RA.

  43. Gen1 legacy turbo? At my last check there was 37 still ok UK roads, and thats a total of wagons and saloons!

  44. What about the RB320?

  45. Subaru forester (sf5 model) stb sti type M.
    Only 800 made

  46. Impreza WRX STI GF8!

  47. What about the gravel express editions

  48. Richard Durishin | April 14, 2015 at 9:27 pm | Reply

    The U.S. Spec. B was so-called because of the yellow and blue damper units at each corner. In addition to the Bilsteins, it has cast aluminum front and rear suspension, 18″ wheels and an aluminum hood and trunk lid. I have #390. At 188k miles it still rocks!

  49. Richard Durishin | April 14, 2015 at 9:28 pm | Reply

    And, where on this list is the absolutely stunning and fantastic SVX? I had two and never should have let them go.

    • Yes, Richard, The Giugiaro design is timeless. There is a ’94 and a ’96, both very low mileage, sitting in my garage. Do all SVX owners have at least two ??

  50. S402? With 402 units built.

  51. How about the 200K mile Subie with original head gaskets? Rare indeed!

  52. There were only ever 14 Subaru 22B’s imported to the states, of the 14 six have crashed and another six have been heavily modified. The other two are bone stock, one with less than 1k miles(owned by Subaru North America) and the other owned by a private party. I had the pleasure of speaking to a Subaru spokesman at the New York International Auto Show where they had the 22B owned by Subaru. Figured I would give an update on the remaining 22Bs.


  53. what about the cs400 only 75 built not sure if any have made it to the us

  54. 1983 1/2 turbo brat. Less than 300 made.

  55. nice to know I’ve got 1 of 700…:))

  56. RX turbo notch back coupe, XT6, SVX…..

  57. What about the Svx yo?

  58. In South Africa, the 2004/2005 Subaru Impreza WRX STi Stimulating edtion was released.


  59. Tribeca? 🙂

  60. out of all of these Subarus, no-one has mentioned the JDM spec twin turbo Legacy Blitzen edition, made in conjunction with Porsche, the first being the rev b, which Porsche had the original input on…..only 1000 of these were made in saloon and wagon editions from rev b-d, 99-03…most were auto with paddle shift, the rarer more sought after were of course the manual transmission and only available in 4 colours, red, white, silver and black…i will never sell mine..ha!(red with manual transmission!)

  61. 2005 legacy gt wagon limited satin white pearl. Manual transmission. Black leather interior. It’s my understanding that under 80 of those in this trim exist in North America.

    • I have an 05 Legacy GT wagon, 5spd. Mine is brilliant red pearl, sunroof, black leather, think it was only 72 or 74 made in the US with that option package and colors. All in all the 05 Legacy GT wagon, with a 5spd, only a total of 1600 were produced, with a lot less on the road now. I think they are one of the more rare Subaru Production cars stateside in the 2000’s, besides the 06 Spec B, which I had before the wagon. I will be holding on to mine for a long time, took me a year to find one. I also have 2 Justy’s (1st and 2nd gen) I think they deserve an honorable mention, not too many left on the road.

  62. you missed 2 that i know of are rare
    Subaru SVX and the Subaru Xt, Xt Turbo & Xt6 (same car 3 sub-models)
    i currently own the boxer 6 Xt from subaru


  63. There was a Wrx nb-r (nurburgring edition) and a jdm only urban jungle package for the wrx as well. Not sure how many subaru approved ESX Wrxs are out there, but in itself its hard to find a dealer warrantied car sold by an aftermarket tuner.

  64. 2003-2006. Subaru BAJA

  65. What about the Subaru svx

  66. I own a 2003 wrx wagon spec r1. I know that your list rarest in U.S. But knowing that 125 spec r1’s were made (90 sedans and 35 wagons) in 2003 and only in Canada, these must be the rarest factory made subarus in the world!!! How many do you think are left today? I own 1 of 35 made in the world, how rare is that?

  67. 1987 GL 3 door hatchback, 4 speed manual, 4WD (not AWD). I’ve been trying to see how many of these are out there, I’ve never seen another on the road. I’ve seen some Justys and Brats. Figured a lot may have been scrapped with whole “cash for clunkers” bs was going on. I love my 1987 GL, but finding parts for it are next to impossible.

  68. possibly the newest rare subaru (in the us anyway) is the ’12 Legacy 2.5 GT Limited in Deep Indigo Pearl. only 1978 5th gen legacy GT’s were made for the US and only 227 in ’12 which is the first year DIP was available and 39 were produced and made there way to the US. can you say 2.5 liters of low mounted turbo goodness?

  69. Just imported a Subaru wrx spec r1 into the U.S. From Canada. Only 125 ever made, 35 of which are wagons (like mine) and I have to say it’s very different from a normal 2093 in the U.S.

  70. What about the “sports” in the cashmere yellow. I have 1 of the last on a 2001

  71. 1995 Teal Impreza L 1.8 5-speed coupe all wheel drive bro

  72. What about the GB270 impreza wagon only 100 ever made and I got number 51 🙂

  73. My dad has purchased a subaru impreza wagon 51 plate and it is called a K20 (on logbook and car) it has variable valve timing and standard horsepower was 253bhp.it is a jap import.
    Can’t find any info on this at all! !
    Can you help?


  74. How about a 99 impreza 1600 fwd 4 door?

  75. 98 2.5rs in brilliant red rarer than the Arcadia green one

  76. In the us at least

  77. Any of the impreza sti ra limited 1000 were made a year and the amount of then that were wrapped around trees make them really rare

  78. How about the bathurst edition 2003 model. Only 15 made from svm lindfield motors in australia. B-spec impreza with the mt panorama stickers on the rear doors and rear boot lid. They deserve a mention. But they were a promotional thing.

  79. Ethan Elkin-Frankston | July 21, 2016 at 7:00 am | Reply

    how about the canadian spec R1 my cousin has the wagon there was a total of 125 cars produced, 90 sedans and 35 sport wagons

  80. The Retna 1.6 litre 4wd 2 door. I’ve only ever seen one.

  81. SUBARU IMPREZA WRX NB-R (Nurburgring) 2000 – 2003

    Might be an idea to consider adding the SUBARU IMPREZA WRX NB-R that was manufacturer for the Japanese Domestic Market (JDM) 2000-2003 with an EJ205 engine and AVCS (Active Valve Control System) coupled with an MHI TD04L turbocharger.

    The engine produces a whopping standard 250BHP (184 kW) at 6000 rpm, considerably more than the UK WRX at that time, that was developing 215 – 221BHP depending upon the Model. Where the UK WRX STI was developing 261BHP.

    NB-R stands for Nurburgring.

    Here’s a link to my Blog about the WRX NB-R with numerous links to verify my sources of information on this very rare and powerful version of the New Age/Second Generation Subaru Impreza WRX http://www.professionalphotography.me.uk/blog/2016/8/very-rare-special-limited-edition-250-hp-subaru-impreza-wrx-nb-r

    I was lucky enough to have discovered and own one of these amazingly powerful factory standard NB-R’s in the UK with extremely low miles after its original owner imported it in 2006 and only used it on very rare occasions.

  82. You should have included the 1997 Subaru SVX LSi. Only about 600 plus were made. Wonderful car! I still own mine.

  83. Not in the same leigh as most of these. Subaru Brat 1983/84 turbo’s
    Haven’t been able to find numbers made for US market anywhere.
    So where can I find this info ?thank you

  84. What about the 85 – 88 Subaru RX 4 door sedan that’s got to be one of the rarest cars out there

  85. Croswoth edition sti only 75 made and has 400hp.

  86. Limited edition Tommy Kara forester?
    Forester STI 2004+ model
    Series 1 manual window model legacy

  87. hmmm. We got 2 360 at the dealship i work in.

  88. What about the Subaru XT of the 80s? I own an 86 Turbo XT and it’s rare if I see or find one here in the states.

  89. GB270 limited run of 300 and the v1-v3 555. I have one of each!

  90. Subaru legacy blitzen 2000 2L twin turbo. Apparently rear.

  91. Subaru Impreza Catalunya
    Only 200 made & only 45 left on the road

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