Subaru to offer 2017 WRX STI Type BBR

In an effort to secure the younger market, Subaru has teamed up with 22-year-old music mogul Justin Bieber to offer the 2017 WRX STI Type BBR. Unlike other enhanced Subaru trims, the Type BBR will offer an actual upgraded engine. Read on to find out more about the possible increased engine gains.

subaru justin beiber2

Before we get to the engine, let’s talk first about the upgraded exterior components. The Type BBR will come with a two tone paint scheme including Purple Rose Metallic as its main color, with Sea Foam Green Metallic accents. Adding even more dimension to the exterior are three airbrushed images of Justin Bieber in various poses. Read on to find out more about the upgraded engine components.

subaru justin beiber3

The two-tone paint style continues to the rear where the wing shows off the beautiful Sea Foam Green Metallic paint color. The rear passenger door displays Justin Bieber pointing at various passers-by, almost physically shouting, “Hey, this is a WRX STI Type BBR”. Read on more to find out about the incredibly advanced engine.

subaru justin beiber

Overall, the new 2017 WRX STI Type BBR offers up a fresh enhancement for the exterior that will truly stand the test of time. Both colors work well together and the airbrushed decals bring it all together. We here at are excited to see this special model come off the line and revolutionize the industry.

Oh, the engine upgrades? You didn’t actually think Subaru would offer a special model with that right? Happy April Fools Day!

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  1. The orange you can drop. Jeep red, bother shades of green and change the yellow to a lighter less taxi cab yellow maybe with green than orange in it. A good place to look is 1970 Yellow on VW Bug now that was a classy color that would make it a fine sleeper.

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