Check out these Subaru keychain charms!

RadekĀ from all the way over in Poland sent me a couple of these awesome custom Subaru keychain charms to review. He’s got 10 different styles to choose from: The classic rally pig, evil rally pig, girl rally pig, a couple Subaru branded ones, and a couple rising sun logos.

Rally Pig Subaru Keychain Charms


Made from rubber, the construction on these is pretty solid, I think one of these would last on your keychain for a while. I’ve seen a lot of these come with the keychain part of the unit screwed into the top that pulls out really easy. These are wrapped around a eyelet in the actual design. Very cool.

Radek sells these Subaru keychain charms on his eBay store for a decent price. And if Subaru isn’t your thing, he’s got keychains for everything from Alfa Romeo to Volvo.


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