What Subaru would Donald Trump drive?

With the most divisive election in history finally being over, we had to ask: What kind of Subaru would Donald Trump drive? We’ll keep it unbiased and non-political, so we’ll go with three facts we know about The Donald to narrow it down: 1. He’s rich. 2. He’s conservative. And 3. He’s the next President of the United States. So, off we go.

How about this American flag-themed Subaru Brat?

Subaru Brat American Flag

It’s paint job is as American as it gets. But, the Brat was powered by a 1.6 and 1.8-liter. I feel like Trump would want something with a bit more power, and a bit newer.


How about this Silver Subaru from this year’s SEMA?

Silver Subaru SEMA


Japanese tuner Corazon created this… interesting piece of artwork for this year’s SEMA. The custom etching covers the entire vehicle. It’s powered by the JDM STI 2.0-liter Boxer, so we’ve got the power that he might want, but is this Trump’s Subaru? Naw. It’s too flashy. A POTUS needs something a little more low key.


How about this Subaru armored car?

Subaru Armored Car

Every president has the threat of assassination and needs a vehicle to protect them. (I’m on a list now aren’t I?) This insane beast drawn up by yasidDESIGN gives us all the protection the POTUS might need in a catastrophe. But, it’s not very presidential.


How about this Tribeca limo?

Limo Tribeca

Now THIS is presidential. But darnit, it’s based on arguably the ugliest Subaru ever made, the Tribeca. There has to be something better. It’s just not Trump enough.





I have it.






A Tangerine Orange Pearl Crosstrek!

Trump Tangerine Orange Pearl

No matter what side of the fence you’re on, Donald Trump is orange. What better vehicle for him than the Tangerine Orange Pearl Crosstrek? It’s got the low key factor that we need, an okay amount of power, it’s regal and go-anywhere-do-anything presidential, and IT’S ORANGE.


Got a better idea of what Subaru Trump would drive? Let us know.

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