(Video) Mark Higgins Rallying Down a Bobsled Run

Mark Higgins has done some insane things in the past, like shattering records at the Isle of Man. Now he takes an STI and rallies it down a bobsled run. Logical transition, right? Watch as the madman goes all Cool Runnings with a Subaru:

♫ Feel the rhythm, feel the rhyme, get on up, it’s Subaru time! ♫

The car looks stock, but according to Road & Track, Subaru had to make some modifications to complete this feat. The STI has additional steel bracing, rubber bumpers from a bobsleigh, extremely stiff spring rates with adjustable shocks, and my favorite part, overinflated 135mm WRC tires with 400 7mm tungsten carbide studs. The location is St. Moritz, the world’s oldest bobsleigh track, with a length of 1.07 miles. Subaru was only able to use the top section of the track because of a narrow bridge.


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